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ACE Informed – Resilience Building

When we are resilient, Dr Ann Masten, Professor of Psychology at the University of Minnesota, calls it, ‘ordinary magic’. Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from setbacks and adversity. It is innate in all of us to varying degrees. We can be incredibly naturally resilient in some situations and not so much in others.

The University of Pennsylvania began studying the notion of resilience, and found that some people were better at bouncing back than others. However, they then went on to show that anyone can improve their resilience through effective training and development. On the basis of this research they devised the Penn Resiliency Programme (PRP) to teach resilience skills. A total of 21 studies showed a significant reduction in depression and anxiety and a marked increase in well-being in those undertaking the programme.

This session is aimed at anyone who faces pressure-based or challenging situations in their working lives. It explores techniques you can use to control general anxiety.  It provides approaches which provide protection from the negative effects of stress and tools to build personal resilience.

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